The CD Albums "Romantic Greek Nights", "Great Musical Hits of Greece", and "Immortal Greek Melodies" and the CD single, "Ode to Greece" an original hymn in honor of the Olympic Games of Athens 2004, were produced by The Hellenic Music Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting, advancing and preserving the full spectrum of the Greek Musical Heritage worldwide.
The CD Albums "Espoirs et Souvenirs", "The Art of Katia Zallas" and the CD single "Oh! Mother Mine!", were produced by Zallas Music Creations, Inc., a portion of which proceeds will go towards benefiting the Hellenic Music Foundation's Scholarship Fund.

"Beautiful Music Makes Life Worth Living"



Zallas Music Creations is a small but growing independent music company founded in 1997 to create, produce, promote, market & perform beautiful music and lyrics of all kinds. It is associated with Musical Treasures Plus (its parent company) and The Hellenic Music Foundation and is owned by its creator Katia Zallas an opera singer/songwriter. Ms. Zallas is also the President and Founder of the Hellenic Music Foundation a non-profit organization, promoting, advancing and preserving the full spectrum of the Greek Musical Heritage, worldwide.

Please note that CDs that are produced by Zallas Music Creations and The Hellenic Music Foundation are sold exclusively from our website or from the Hellenic Music Foundation's website.

Proceeds from the sale of these CDs will go towards benefiting the HMF Scholarship Fund to help young talented musicians with their musical careers. If you wish to contribute to our worthy cause please click the following link:

Two of the most popular CDs produced by Ms. Zallas are: Espoirs et Souvenirs (Hopes and Memories) and the CD Single "Oh! Mother Mine! I Love You so!" both of which are still in great demand after many years.

We have recently discovered, however, that unauthorized copies have been sold and described as "discontinued" by the manufacturer therefore causing a price mark-up. We carry a full line of Ms. Zallas' repertoire which we are happy to sell to the public through our website at excellent prices.

Please, do not lend discs to others to copy, give away illegal copies of discs, or use internet services that promote the illegal distribution of copyright recordings. By doing so you threaten the livelihood of musicians and everyone else involved in producing music.

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